Positive Pathways has partnered with Florida Reach, a state-wide network of students, community members, child welfare and educational professionals from all levels that are interested in helping youth and young adults in and from foster care succeed in school and life. DCF has been supporting Florida Reach, since 2013.

Partnering with Florida Reach has given Positive Pathways connections with leaders in a variety of fields related to the work that we do. Florida Reach is an informal association of like-minded educational advocates. Florida Reach members are not obligated to participate in Positive Pathways. Likewise, Florida Reach, once under the domain of the Florida Department of Children and Families, is now an independent entity.  

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Educate Tomorrow was founded in 2003 to serve current and former foster youth, homeless youth, and similarly disadvantaged young people by striving to make higher education an attainable goal for all.

Educate Tomorrow’s programs primarily serve these youth and young adults by providing multi-year, goal-oriented academic and career coaching, intensive skill-building workshops and enrichment activities.

As the contracted provider for Positive Pathways, Educate Tomorrow is responsible for ensuring that the program operates efficiently and effectively, and that it meets its goals.

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